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Commercial, Leisure & Tourism

A commercially-focused and client-led approach 

Commercial and Leisure buildings may have a requirement to be aesthetically pleasing, but above all must meet the practical needs of their users, enhancing their experience and providing a safe environment.

Good commercial buildings result from the designer having a sound understanding of the building owner/user’s needs and expectations and knowledge of the processes carried out within the building.

Leisure buildings have to balance the experience of the user with the practicalities of the operator to create an efficient and engaging experience for both.

CAD Architects have a wide experience including building for manufacturing, offices, car repair, retail, hotels, restaurants and public houses.

Commercial architecture that delivers great results for our clients

Some of our most high-profile commissions include the award-winning Lemon Street Market, the distinctive Next retail outlet at Kingsley Village, The Alverton Hotel, The Stable chain of restaurants, and the creation of the stunning Vista Lounge at The Polurrian Bay Hotel.

Among many exciting new projects in South West England, CAD Architects have also worked on an imaginative new building for Flushing Sailing Club.