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The proposed Waterfront Regeneration Scheme in the town of Holyhead represents a major investment by Conygar which would benefit both the local population and the Isle of Anglesey as a whole.

The Scheme is intended to reconfigure Holyhead as a marine leisure and tourist destination. This exciting, vibrant and sustainable mixed-use development would provide long-term permanent commercial, hospitality and retail employment – along with new housing.

At the heart of the scheme, the construction of a modern, robust 250 berth marina with associated facilities and permanent breakwater structure would encourage the leisure industry, attract marine visitors and tourists and promote a plethora of water activities.

Residential proposals on Newry Beach represent a contemporary, distinctive design similar in scale and material palette to the nearby Holyhead Marina apartments, while the residential scheme in Porth-y-Felin represents a more conventional townscape and street scene similar to that of Holyhead. The mix of housing types would ensure a variety of homes for both local population and visitors alike, providing for growth in the community. At Porth-y-Felin and Soldiers Point, the provision of new apartment units within the fabric of the Listed Buildings will facilitate their restoration and the preservation of their setting.

The proposals feature the reclamation and re-imagining of two entirely new waterfront communities at Newry Beach and Porth-y-Felin, creating a series of exciting new public spaces and buildings which would be accessible to all through new promenades, landscape features, pathways and cycling routes.

The over-riding intention and expectation of this proposed development is to bring economic and social benefits to the area, but with an overarching aspiration to preserve the local heritage and provide Holyhead with a waterfront and accompanying built environment that it can be proud of.