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The Power of In-House Planning Consultancy

Jun 29, 2023

By Laura Potts MRTPI, Planning Consultant, CAD Planning

It now just over a year since CAD Architects launched our in-house Planning Consultancy. The new service has been a great success, and we have now helped numerous clients to progress their projects.

In the last month alone, CAD Architects has seen planning permission approvals for a wide range of projects, including the conversion of five agricultural barns into a luxury development at the edge of Truro Golf Club at Stencoose Farm, the construction of a terrace of six residential mews houses at an existing hotel in Falmouth and a new extension and internal alterations at a waterfront property at St Mawes. This snapshot illustrates the breadth of planning challenges that CAD Architects regularly takes on and manages to a successful conclusion for our clients.

CAD Architects is one of very few RIBA-Chartered architectural firms in Cornwall and Devon to have an in-house planning consultant. With the ever-evolving landscape of planning regulations and policies, architectural firms in the UK face numerous challenges when it comes to securing planning permission for their projects. This is where having an in-house planning consultant provides a distinct advantage and sets CAD Architects apart.

CAD Planning has had its own success in securing a wide range of planning approvals, including residential extensions, outline planning approval, planning in principle (PIP), new vehicular access, holiday lodges, and Class Q. CAD Planning has also provided many clients with professional planning advice, been instructed to rebut planning objections, and asked to intervene where planning challenges have stalled projects.

So, let’s stand back and explore four of the key advantages of in-house planning consultancy.

  1. Streamlined efficiency

One of the big benefits of having an in-house planning consultant on board is the ability to foster seamless integration and collaboration between the design and planning phases of a project. By having a planning expert as part of the team from the outset, architects can ensure that their designs align with local planning policies and regulations. The planning consultant can also provide valuable insights and recommendations for maximizing the potential of each project. Having in-house planning consultancy streamlines the process and enhances the overall efficiency of the project, saving time and costs.

  1. Expert detailed local knowledge

Navigating the complex world of planning regulations can be a daunting task. An in-house planning consultant brings invaluable expertise in understanding and interpreting local planning policies and regulations. Depth of experience and detailed knowledge of planning regulations allows early identification of potential roadblocks. This facilitates quicker decision making and enables innovative solutions to be found that meet regulatory requirements.

  1. Powerful communication with local authorities

Securing planning permission involves engaging with local authorities, planning committees, and other stakeholders. Having an in-house planning consultant enables firms such as CAD Architects to establish and maintain strong lines of communication with these. Through regular interactions, the consultant can address any concerns, answer queries, and negotiate on behalf of the firm. This ongoing direct engagement enhances the chances of obtaining planning approval, as it means there is a clear and consistent exchange of information throughout the process.

  1. Strategic planning for future projects

An in-house planning consultant can provide a strategic advantage in planning for future projects. By closely monitoring and analysing planning policies and trends, the consultant can identify potential opportunities and risks early on. This proactive approach allows the firm and its clients to align their projects with future policy changes and stay ahead of the competition.

The cumulative impact of these four clear advantages means that our in-house planning consultancy has already made a big difference to CAD Architects and our clients.

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When you work with our in-house planning consultancy for your architecture project, you will discover that we are skilled at carefully navigating projects through the whole process.

Our goal is to deliver the very best planning outcomes for our clients.

A recent client of CAD Planning wrote:

“You have managed to find a way through and solve the riddle that has caused us an issue for nearly three years. I must say you handled the situation really well and this is testament to your knowledge and experience undoubtedly.”

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