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Memories that stir the soul!

Jul 17, 2018

Over 30 years ago, our Architectural Director, Roger Hocking, designed a stunning four bedroom house in a fabulous location overlooking Port Navas. The memories came flooding back this week when Roger saw that this exceptional family home is back on the market – albeit for a healthy price tag of £1.35 million!

Roger says: “It was a real privilege to work on this unique project. It is a modern house, but built in local stone and then clad in cedar to give it a timeless look that blends perfectly with its wooded, riverside setting. We carried this theme through to the interior, incorporating double-height ceilings with gorgeous wood panelling. The overall effect is both dramatic and homely.

We used the orientation of the house to ensure that the main living areas can make the most of the sweeping views of Port Navas Creek, as it winds down toward the Helford River. The enjoyment of the setting is further enhanced by features such as spacious wrap-around balconies. This has to be one of the prettiest locations to live anywhere in the world.”

You can see full details on the Port Navas house at the website of The Modern Home Limited here.

Roger adds: “Even if I say so myself, I really envy the new buyers, whoever they may be. They will have the wonderful experience of living in one of the most magical properties I’ve ever been involved with. Furthermore, over the decades the delightful garden and grounds, which include 400 yards of river frontage, have grown and matured, so that today the property looks even better than when it was first built.”