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A New Decade for CAD Architects

Jan 22, 2020

2020: Three weeks in – and this new year already feels more settled than the last few.

Whilst 2019 was a tumultuous year in British politics, CAD Architects have had their best year ever. We are currently working on projects from Penzance in West Cornwall to Holyhead on the Isle of Anglesey in North Wales. We have high-quality, exciting projects spread across the south and west that allow our team of highly experienced and skilled designers to express their individual talents.

So, what does 2020 hold for CAD Architects and the construction sector in general?

The new Conservative government certainly had plenty in their manifesto, but as with all government legislation, the devil is in the detail. Help to Buy is extended, promises on infrastructure and an aspiration to build 300,000 homes a year. But temper this with a new National Design Guide and a promise to give communities a say in design standards. The planning challenges will no doubt remain, and with an ever-increasing number of Neighbourhood Development Plans coming into force, navigating local aspirations and delivering housing will only become more challenging.

What does CAD Architects have planned for 2020?

With an expanding team and CAD Heritage doing well we took extra space last year on the second floor of Courtleigh House in Truro, and have not only created an additional studio, but now have the “CAD Café”, an informal meeting space that doubles as a break out and ‘chill’ space. We all spend at least a third of our life at work – some 90,000 hours over a lifetime – so we know the importance of having both a comfortable and ‘healthy’ working environment.

As probably the largest independent Architects’ practice in Cornwall, we seek to project our presence beyond Cornwall. We want to bring money into the Cornish economy from Clients and projects outside the County. We have been successful in this aim in recent years and improving the quality of our commissions remains at the top of our list of goals. But we will never forget our roots or the debt we owe to this beautiful County we all call home. Our aim in all our projects is to do our best – not just for our Client but for our communities as well.

A Happy New Year to Clients new, old and yet to be!